Spring Sunburst

Sunburst wall decor with an added spring twist!

Though it’s still winter and cold, spring is almost on its way! Seeing the sun shining brightly makes me enthusiastic for the warm spring weather to come again. I may love the wintery cold, but sometimes it gets too cold for me to do work or even want to get out of my bed. So to warm up my room here’s a spring sunburst!

Sunbursts are quite trendy and popular for home decor. There are plenty of DIY projects out there on making sunburst mirrors that are more affordable and cheaper than buying it from the store. Though this is not a mirror, the flowers add a nice replacement to the mirror and gives a nice spring vibe. Hope you enjoy it!

Craft Time: 2 hours


  • ½ medium size styrofoam ball
  • 28 dowels 12″ length 
  • spray paint
  • silk flower

First cut the styrofoam ball in half. Then take 12 dowels and break 1/4 of the dowel off. You will save these small dowels for later. So now you will have 12 medium sized dowels and 12 small sized dowels. I will refer to them as medium sized and small sized in the next few steps.

Take the 16 dowels that were not cut, and insert them in the outer edge of the styrofoam ball, leaving equal space between each dowel. My advice is to lay out the dowels first before inserting them or else there might be many holes in the ball. So what I did was first make a “clock” by placing a dowel at 12, 3, 6, and 9. Then place a dowel in between each dowel, then repeat until there are no more dowels left. Then insert each dowel into the outer rim of the ball.

For the medium sized dowels, insert 8 of them in between and an inch up from the dowels that were previously placed. Continue until all 8 are all inserted. Then an inch up from where the previous dowels, insert the remaining 4 medium sized dowels with equal distance between each of them.

Lastly, for the small sized dowels, take 8 of the dowels and insert them between each dowel the second row of medium sized dowels. Then for the remaining 4 small sized dowels insert them in between each dowel in the top row of medium sized dowels. Spray paint when done. 

Take the silk flower and insert it into the middle of the ball. Hang using hanging strips and enjoy this bright spring decor!

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