Hi! I’m Lydia and here’s my about page.

Why did I start this blog? Why is it called Crisp & Bliss? Where is the name even from? Well, first of all, I am super thankful and happy that you came across my blog. Now, to get things started, I’ll first introduce who I am, why I started this blog, and why it’s called Crisp & Bliss.

Hmmm… let’s see… where should I start? Well to avoid this awkward transition, I’ll be super frank. I was born and raised on the East coast. Making crafts and baking desserts have always been my favorite activities to do since I was young, so I decided to create this blog to share with everyone in the world my creative insight, while relieving some anxiety due to (ahem) mainly school. I also developed this blog because of food allergies and health problems which made me rethink my food intake.

As I previously said, I have mainly allergies. Currently, my most severe food allergies are soy, sesame, and almonds. MANY foods contain soy, especially Chinese foods, so it is extremely hard to find foods that do not have this. Since my family eats food that has soy sauce in almost every dish, I had to either start making the food myself or deal with the horrible rashes. This drove me to focus on making healthy meals for different people’s diets… well not in the beginning though…

When I first started out in September 2016, I knew I wanted to create a food and DIY blog, but I was still trying to figure out my focus. You know how many successful blog sites tell you you need to have a specific topic in order to grab readers? That was not me. I had no idea what content I really wanted to create and was still trying to find out what I was developing, so I made whatever popped up in my mind. However, after six months of soul searching, creating meals and doing DIY projects, I finally figured out what I want this blog to be about! So here it goes…

Examples of meals I previously made on the blog ^ Left: Sweet Pea Avocado Toast; Right: Creamy Avocado Salad

After coming up with meals and craft projects, I realized my focus became mostly on creating uniquely healthy foods and a variety of creative crafts relating to any type of decor. When I finally figured out after half a year of blogging what I wanted the food portion of this blog to be about, I first thought, why not create foods that were all allergy friendly? However, as I began to create recipes, I started to make many recipes that though were not necessarily allergy free, were healthy and accommodated to certain people’s diets such as gluten free or vegan. So again I changed my mindset and finally settled down with the main purpose of making food for this blog: creating recipes that fit in with particular, specific diets – not the norm. (Note: However, since in the beginning (prior to March 2017) I didn’t realize what I wanted this blog to be about, I did include many unhealthy foods, normal diet foods, or non-allergy friendly/non vegan, which will be still on the blog. I have now changed my future recipes to accomodate to special diets.)

Examples of DIY projects I previously made on the blog ^ Left: Hanging Geometric Ornament Right: Spring Sunburst

The other part of my blog is mainly about designing a wide range of creative DIY projects. As I began to come up with projects, make them, and watch a ton of home decor/interior design videos, I realized I became obsessed with the colors white, gold, and black – the perfect combination for a modern/minimalist effect (also why the colors of my blog are white, gold, and black – though the theme was not custom coded and free, it was perfect for my blog (lol). I also loved the rooms that were filled with simplistic decor that made the rooms so clean. However, as I tried to create many minimalistic and modern projects, I noticed most of my projects weren’t related to those simple black and white (with occasional gold) colors but were filled with an abundance of colors. This obstacle made me rethink what the main theme and overall umbrella was for my DIY projects. So I came to the conclusion that what I create pertains to a wide array of decor themes, not just one. 

As you can see, I have run into many road blocks to finding out what I truly am focusing on, but it was worth it because I learned more about myself and this blog. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy my blog!